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(PHOTO: Raincoast Conservation)

Environmental Disaster Is Canada’s New Normal. Are We Ready? The Walrus, Summer Reading Issue, July/August 2018. Easily one of the most intricate and exciting pieces I’ve written in recent memory, this piece covers the recent ground-breaking climate change audit work undertaken by all our country’s Auditors General and the drama inherent in their blunt findings about Canada’s climate change preparedness, or lack thereof.

The Maker Movement in schools has students learning by doing. The Globe and Mail, Sept. 28, 2017.

Starving research means less crucial innovation: scientists. The Globe and Mail, June 8, 2017.

Meet the B.C. multimillionaire who has devoted his fortune to saving the seaBCBusiness magazine, February 2016. This cover story about Eric Peterson tells the story of his dogged and outsized philanthropic efforts to kickstart scientific research on B.C.’s remote Central coast.

Last-Ditch Plan Aims to Prevent First Drought Extinction of Native Fish., July 2015. Unsurprisingly, and very depressingly, California’s record drought is driving its native fish to extinction, starting with one beleaguered salmon subspecies.

Watching the Detectives. BCBusiness magazine, July 2015 issue. An exposé on how our environmental assessment process is compromised by business interests and increasingly self-regulated environmental consultanting work. My first feature in which the majority of my sources are anonymous — so grimy is the dirt they dish.

The Big One: The last megathrust earthquake to strike Canada was in 1700, and the clock is ticking. Canadian Geographic, June 2015 issue.

Sponge Blog Rare Plants: An ancient, unique forest stands silent guard under the Georgia Strait. Vancouver magazine, March 2015 issue.

Go Over to the Darker Side. Discover magazine, October 2014 issue.

Humans have tripled mercury levels in upper ocean. Nature News, August 6th 2014.

B.C.’s Back-road Mapmakers. From his Coquitlam office, Russ Mussio believes he can show Google a thing or two about mapmaking, at least for Canada’s vast uncharted backcountry. BCBusiness magazine, July 2014.

Doing Business in Mumbai. A low-down on doing business in the fabulous, riotous city of Mumbai. BCBusiness magazine, July 2014.

Hiking with Anne Casselman. Vancouver magazine, June 2014.

Something fishy in B.C. – The new Fisheries Act has former Liberal and Tory fisheries ministers agreeing: it’s a big problem. Maclean’s magazine, March 2014.

In Cold Water: Engineering a better survival suit. Feature, Walrus magazine, Jan/Feb 2014. I stalked Mustang Survival for years to gain access to their highly secret R&D facility. It was totally worth it.

Changes to Canada’s fisheries law alarm biologists. Nature News, November 25th 2013.

First-Ever Submarine Dive on Vancouver’s “Living Fossils”: Glass Sponge Reefs. National Geographic News, October 18th 2013.

Cell-Made Man. Profile, BCBusiness magazine, October 2013. My profile on Allen Eaves and his company STEMCELL Technologies, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of  lab supplies for scientists (particularly cancer, cell and stem cell biologists).

First Killer Whale Reintroduced to Wild Has Baby. National Geographic News, July 11th 2013

The Health of the Fraser River. The pine forests in the Fraser’s headwaters are ground zero for the biggest pine beetle outbreak in North America, which is bad news for the watershed. Herein, a feature about what ails North America’s longest undammed river and the scientists that study it. Canadian Geographic, June 2013

Will Canada’s Proposed Tar Sands Oil Pipeline Muck Up Its Pacific Coast? Large cracks remain in the science assessing Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline Project. Online feature, Scientific American, February 2013

Epidemiologist’s Gen-Y zest for science is catchy. Wherein I profile the inimitable Dr. Jennifer Gardy for The Globe and Mail‘s “The XX Factor: Women in Science” series, February 2013.

How to be a Canadian. Top Story, Vancouver magazine, December 2012

At First Blush, End Note, Vancouver magazine, December 2012

Canada Declares War on Rats. Online feature, Scientific American, November 2012

The Enforcer BCBusiness magazine, September 2012. Ever since I heard about John Doyle’s work as the province’s top accountant, I knew I had to profile this ballsy government watchdog. Lo and behold I did, and got unprecedented access behind the scenes to report the story for BCBusiness. I even was deputized under Section 8 of the Auditor General Act, twice, to ensure I’d keep my mouth shut.

Watch out for childhood obesity Readers Digest, various European editions, June 2012

Is Cadborosaurus for real? The Walrus, June 2012

Island Gin. Northwest Palate magazine, June 2012

Internet Changes How We Remember. Scientific American MIND, January/February 2012

The Business of Breeding Apples. Cover story, BCBusiness magazine, February 2012

Ecojustice Canada’s Environmental Crusade. Feature on Canada’s leading environmental law NGO in BCBusiness magazine, December 2011

Will Work For Chew Toys, profile in OnEarth magazine, Winter 2011

“Gorgeous” Dinosaur Nest Found Full of Babies, National Geographic News, November 29th 2011

Mystery of Canada’s missing salmon continues Nature News, September 28th 2011

Four-part series for Scientific American reporting on science and environment stories in the Great Bear Rainforest, August 8th & 9th 2011:

Online Feature
The Bear Truth: Grizzlies’ Snagged Hair Samples Reveal Dependence on Salmon

Hair of the Bear: Fur Samples Yield Insights into Grizzlies’ Salmon Dependence

Online Feature
First Nations Tribe Combines Science with Legacy of Conservation

Guest Blog
Getting the Grizzly Story: What It’s Like to Report in Canada’s Great Bear Rainforest

Longest Polar Bear Swim Recorded—426 Miles Straight National Geographic News, July 20th 2011

Regal Steps, The Walrus (wherein I go English Country Dancing, as in BBC period drama dance of choice), July/August Summer Reading Issue 2011

Watershed Protection Guide 8-page feature, Canadian Geographic, June 2011 Water Issue

Interpretive text for Canadian Geographic online Watershed Awareness – Canadian Atlas Online June 2011

Interpretive text for Canadian Geographic online Protect Your Watershed: An Interactive Guide to Taking Action June 2011

Upstream Battle: What Is Killing Off the Fraser River’s Sockeye Salmon? Scientific American, May 5th, 2011

A Year After the Spill, “Unusual” Rise in Health Problems National Geographic News, April 21st, 2011

June – November 2010: Expedition Writer for Alexandra Cousteau’s Expedition Blue Planet, a 4.5-month long environmental odyssey investigating North America’s chief water issues

Dogged Research: The Top 10 Canines of Science, June 7th 2010

Pictures: America’s Ten Most Dangerous Volcanoes National Geographic News, May 18th, 2010

Patently Obvious: A new corporate initiative launches to spread the seeds of green innovation BCBusiness magazine, Green Issue May 2010

10 Biggest Oil Spills in History (No, the 1989 Exxon-Valdez spill doesn’t make the list), May 6th 2010

Roller Coasters and Hearing Loss: It’s Not the Noise, April 30th 2010

Arctic Sea Belching Tons of Methane National Geographic News, March 4th 2010

Saltwater Savior Discovery Channel Magazine, feature profile, March 2010 (email me for a pdf)

Grizzly Bears Moving Into Canada’s Polar Bear Capital National Geographic News February 26th 2010

Vancouver 2010 to Be Warmest Winter Olympics Yet National Geographic News February 12th, 2010 (Turns out this story was the site’s second most popular onethis month with over 100,000 views! Holy moly)

The High-Tech Weather Forecasting in the 2010 Winter Olympics, February 11th, 2010