IMAGE: govicinity

I’ve written for, National Geographic News, Vancouver magazine, Discover magazine,, Canadian Geographic, among others. I clocked 17,000 miles zig-zagging North America as the Expedition Writer on board Alexandra Cousteau’s Expedition Blue Planet 2010, which explored some of our continent’s chief water issues (think: the parched Colorado River on both sides of the US/Mexico border; post-oil spill Gulf Coast; the coal-ash infused waters of Tennessee; and the Great Lakes and Bay of Fundy up in Canada). It was, in a word, awesome.

But what I really, really want is a byline in The New Yorker. There, I said it.

In 2013 I was a finalist in the National Magazine Awards and the Western Magazine Awards.

I was also a fellow in the 2013 Marine Biological Laboratory ¬†Logan Science Journalism program¬†and IJNR’s Kalamazoo River Institute fellowship.